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Quick burn project
« on: June 04, 2012, 12:44:36 PM »
Thought I'd post a quick culvert replacement project I worked on over the weekend.  I picked up a total station and data collector over the winter and have just started integrating into our workflow.  Work was done on Friday and I had working cross sections within 4 hours on Saturday.

It could have gone faster, but I didn't get as good of topo coverage in the field.  I had to play with the linework to get a decent TIN.  Lars, thanks for the 3D offset command.  We just shot the top center of the box culvert wingwalls.  I was able to offset the centerline to render the top and even the vertical face by an offset of H=0.1 and V=-10.0.

I'm still playing with the cross section plotting routine to tweak it closer to the old handdrafting style of K+E grid sheets.  Other than that, a handy little product!

Thanks again Lars.