Author Topic: Insert a template along a profile alignment  (Read 990 times)


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Insert a template along a profile alignment
« on: November 18, 2017, 10:34:07 AM »
Hello Lars,

I am trying to construct a river channel along a profile alignment and I wonder if there is an easy way to insert a template (like a block of a typical cross section) along the alignment to produce a new terrain with the constructed channel.

I am cutting all the XS along the alignment and manually adding the channel template at each XS in the desired elevation. Also manually adjusting the cut and fill at each XS. After that, I measure the surfaces (cut/fill) in every XS and send the results to Excel.

Is there another option  to do that kind of work?

Thanx in advance


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Re: Insert a template along a profile alignment
« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2017, 07:48:45 AM »

There is no option for using templates. If you have a alignment (in plan and profile) you easily can create features representing channel bottoms. Use CadTools command "Offset 3Dpolyline" to create left and right edges of the bottom, use "Create Longitudinal Features" to get the line that interfere with the surface. Finally you triangulate these four lines as breaklines and save it as a surface file. When creating cross sections add that surface.

If you don't have a 3D alignment read in the helpfile how to create a 3D alignment from a line in plan and a line in a profile, "Create 3D alignment"

If you get unwanted triangles you can join the outermost lines to a perimeter and use it to delete triangles outside the perimeter, Look in the helpfile "Delete triangles with centroid outside polygon"