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Speeding up commands in AutoCAD
« on: October 17, 2021, 10:02:37 PM »
Hi everyone!

I have found a nice and easy way to speed up almost every command in Cadtools for AutoCAD. I have talked with Lars about the possibility to implement it into the code itself, but it is not that easy, so it has to be done manually. But it is really easy and by my experience, it can speed up a command up to 10 times!

So after starting executing a command, that actively updates or communicates with the AutoCAD viewport (drawing object on coordinates, slope lines, sweep analysis, extracting block information, and so on) just trigger right-click menu in AutoCAD (for me it is the either long-press right button if no objects are selected or just right-click while anything is selected). It will stop AutoCad to update the viewport and speed up executing commands.

That is all. It is really that easy to do (I wish it was that easy to implement to the code too  :) )

I hope it will help you in your work with CadTools  ;)
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