Free Vehicle Turning Simulation (Swept path analysis) for Bricscad

BricksTurn is an out of process software and supports Bricscad version V10-V18

Latest update:
2016-04-09 Build 1.0.23

Vehicle Turning Simulation (Swept path analysis). Build your own vehicles and do analysis in the drawing

Turning Report visualizes wheel and element angles.

Lock to lock Report visualizes speed.

Sample of drawing output.


Windows Vista users!
Problems running BricsTurn? Probably it's Vista's UAC dabbling, try to launch BricsTurn as an Administrator. Simply find the shortcut for BricsTurn, right click on it then in the Compatibility tab select the option that say: Run this program as an Administrator.

If you are using AutoCAD you will find the Vehicle Turning and much more in CadTools. The Vehicle Turning is also available as a freeware for Microstation V8. MSTurn

Download (ca 2,4 Mb), Last updated 2016-03-12 Build 1.0.22

Update for BricsTurn (ca 0,6 Mb), Last updated 2016-03-12 Build 1.0.22
Download update only. If you already installed
BricsTurn and only need the update, use this link.

Additional downloads

Default Vehicle library (metric)
Vehicle samples in metric units
Default Vehicle library (imperial, 2013-05-13) Vehicle samples in imperial units

BricsTurn/CadTools Forum

Online discussion site for CadTools and BricsTurn.

Revision history Latest update (2016-03-12 Build 1.0.22)
Fixed bug when saving vehicles, some values didn't save.

2015-03-24 Build 1.0.21
Fixed bug when saving some types of vehicles, values in datafiels where changed when saving.

2015-03-24 Build 1.0.21
Fixed DPI scaling by changing application font.

(2013-07-11 Build 1.0.20)
Enhanced: Perimeter of swept vehicle

Build 1.0.19)
Fixed bug: Minimum turning radious displayed incorrect value for units other than meters

Build 1.0.18)
Added support for a number of drawing units. The code base in this software was based on meters. Using units smaller than meters would result in slow performance.

Build 1.0.17)
Added multiple axels for some vehicle types in the drawing output for Vehicle Turning. There is no option for the user to manipulate this 

Build 1.0.16)
Added: Option for "Plot Swept Vehicle Envelope" (perimeter)

14 Build 1.0.15)

Fixed: Removed swep path for Tow-bars.

3 Build 1.0.13)
Fixed: Minor bug, the vehicle could stop before max angle was reached.
New: Lock to lock speed. The minimum radius is back! Now with some explanation in the helpfile
New: Enhanced color and layer settings for output

6 Build 1.0.11)
Added truck wheel sweep path and options for wheel sweep path color(2010-10-06 Build 1.0.10)
Disabled "Min Turning Radius" label due to misinterpreting

(2010-10-01 Build 1.0.9)
information in the helpfile, topic: settings dialog

(2010-09-27 Build 1.0.8)
Added three new vehicle types. "Trailer Tow bar Semi", "Double Tow bar Semi" and "Tandem Trailer". Note! Default vehicle files are not replaced by the installation, you must replace them by downloading and saving them in BricsTurn folder. Imperial library doesn't contain any sample vehicles for the three new types.

(2010-08-24 Build
1.0.5) Fixed some issues with Vehicle Turning. You can cancel the operation by pressing the cancel button. If Vehicle path exceeds 1000 units you will get a warning but you can still continue.

Fixed some issues with max vehicle plot spacing parameter.


Decided to distribute this software as a freeware!


Fixed bitmaps and help-file for, the parameter WB2 was wrong in images and helpfile. For trailers WB2 should be distance between truck pivot point and trailer turning point. Textboxes for parameter values is now wider and there is also a vehicle file in imperial units for AASHTO vehicles.