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Adding Table of Co-Ords with CadTools


Would it be possible to add a function in CadTools where you can select points in ACAD and the CadTools can add names and create an Table with the coords and point names.

Just a question, I was just wandering.


Everything is possible but every new function must benefit several users or myself  ;)
I've never had any request for this before and I'm not convinced that it would serve a great number of users.

Annotate cross sections have a similar function, it creates a table of point (or lines) with offset and elevation to the alignment.

A possible solution is to extend the draw from coordinates command with a option to draw a table in the drawing and then fill it with the values from the grid. Maybe this is possible right now by exporting text (labels) to excel and paste from Excel back to the dwg

Yes it would be great if we can select points or a poly and cadtools could generate a table of coordinates .
For a surveyor is the main data of his plans to generate coordinate table of a property. Please make is happen Lars .

You can Export polylines to Excel and save the file to disk. In Bricscad (Don't know i AutoCAD has similar function) type in "Table" and the "From Data", use the browse button to select the Excel file and then use the Preview option. The table i editable!



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