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I  am an occasional and inexperienced user of cadtools. Basically, I need it to create ditches and slopes. Of course, I also need, secondly, to create a longitudinal profile and characteristic sections from this. If I can ask for a short instruction: how to create a slope in that order: I have a bottom line (3Dpl) on level below terrein and I need to create a slope from this level up, (e.g. 1: 3 33%) until to intersect with the terrain. I have terrain triangulation * .tsd and pl3D (on set level) of the pond boundary. How to make an up cut to generate a top slope for such a slope?
If I use this tools the program hangs:


Using the settings in the form as it is in the picture you should i.e use a EOP (edge of Pavement) 3D polyline as your guide line.
If the guide line is a pond bottom you can try to set foreslope distance and ditch width to zero, backslope should be 33,3%. Tip, use the preview window while editing values.

The error is probably due using wrong decimal separator (You should use same as Windows use)



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