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MVL UTILTY - Autocad plotting utility
« on: January 19, 2010, 01:49:49 PM »
First of all I want to thank Lars for letting me post on his forum and for making CadTools  ;D

I made this little utility to help people making viewports and layouts in Autocad.

As I mentioned in the "Ideas to improve" topic (where I've posted the first time) this application gives a comfortable way of creating layouts directly from model space while having a clear idea what's the viewport going to contain, how everything is going to be scaled and aligned in the drawing and also it makes it easier to create rotated viewports.

I don't have much experience in software programming so things could have been a lot better but for now I think I did quite a good job and learned a lot. So, if I'll have the time (and better skills  ;D) I'll try to improve and develop this utility further.

I attached three files :
1.MVL UTILITY.vlx - the main utility
2.MVL.cui - a .cui file (not necessarily needed - you could do your own)
3.MVL Instructions.pdf - a pdf file with instructions for this utility. The pdf lacks graphical content (pictures) since the maximum attachment size allowed is 128KB.

I hope you'll give it a try and I would appreciate feedback from any user so this utility could get better and help you more!

You must be a registered user of the "CadTools" forum to view and download the files.

The  utilty doesn't seem to work in ACAD2010. i can guarantee for 2007 and maybe 2008.  I hope you can give me feedback about this situation and I'll try to make a new version when I have some free time.   
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